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 local time is on a mission to deliver micronutrients with macro-impact

As a company with a conscience, we take the impact of our products on the body, and the planet, very seriously.That’s why we’re continuously seeking ways to be are generative presence in the world and to support the rebalancing of our production-consumption-waste cycle.


that nurture wellbeing inside and out

Our formula for balance: everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Tailored for the modern traveler,we’re delivering micronutrients wrapped in pro-active advice for optimizing wellness when you fly,helping to bring you back into balance to feel awesome on arrival.Our products draw upon to ancient sources of wellbeing,supporting your flight travel with trusted wellness remedies. Each ingredient is combined to activate and nurture your body’s intuitive impulse to maintain health and balance. Every formula is rooted in the relational alchemy of its ingredients, delivering optimum support at every stage of your journey – from departure to arrival and beyond.

paying your purchase forward

Just as flying creates imbalance in the body, air travel disrupts the planet’s carbon balance.While the solution is complex, trees represent one of our greatest allies in working to restore the carbon cycle balance of the planet. When your flight takes off, carbon emissions go up – but forests draw them down.

The immediate preservation of trees and the regeneration of forests around the world is vital to the wellbeing of our planet. Every time you make a purchase, Local Time pays it forward to advance the innovative work of Tree SistersTogether, we’re supporting the protection and regeneration of forests – the lungs of the planet.


designed for the modern traveler and a healthy planet

We’re serious about reducing waste and committed to seeking out the best packaging solutions for the integrity of our formulas and the environmentBecause travelers have little control over the waste facilities available at global destinations,it’s on us to package our products in materials that can be safely disposed of,anywhere in the world.That’s whyLocal Time packaging is designed to be 100% compostable. Whether you’re bound for rural Indonesian village or urban London,you can responsibly dispose of our packaging regardless of how advanced the waste infrastructure is at your destination.

but wait, there’s more to this whole packaging thing

Our bio-based packaging material, made primarily of non-GMO corn and FSC certified woodpulp cellulose, is certified compostable for home and industrial facilities. What does that mean exactly? It’s designed to break down naturally, in a short period of time, and fully biodegrade whether put into a home compost bin, an industrial compost facility, as well as an open landfillif this is the only option. All of our inks are also bio-based and non-toxic, so no matter where our packaging ends up, we know it won’t be leaving a chemical trail behind.

Designed for travel

Flat and compact
Lightweight and minimalist for no-hassle packing in your bag/purse/pocket.

Optimized for global adventures 
Lowest-waste disposal
Nutritious for soil in home/industrial composting when you can- as harmless as cardboard when you can't.

Minimizing chances of exposure 
No leaching, no microplastics
Compostable items should never be littered. But if they are, they’ll decompose many times faster/safer than typical materials.

Planet-friendly circular waste cycle
From the mailer to the pouch and sachet, breakdown is roughly 12 months (vs. nonrecyclable plastic foils that clog landfills 200-500 years on).

Sustainably sourced 
Plastic free
Renewable and sustainable harvested sources include non-GMO corn, bio-based inks & Renewable Forestry wood pulp.


as with any grand adventure, our search for a truly sustainable packaging source has been filled with unexpected challenges and redirects

One challenge we are still trying to address here is that the supplier can ensure the zipper of the stand-up-pouch is industrially compostable yet the small amount of glue used when making the pouch is not. While we haven’t quite landed a tour final destinationan environmentally regenerative product and packagethere’s heaps to share about the journey thus far, and we’re committed to transparently doing so, each step of the way.  Learn more about our journey toward a regenerative packaging source below. 

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