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the complete guide for your zero waste travel resolution

the complete guide for your zero waste travel resolution

Written by Local Time

We’re inspired by personal resolutions with collective impact. Here’s one we hope will inspire you: In the spirit of personal and planetary wellbeing, will you commit to taking one zero waste action in every trip this 2020?

As with each of our flight pack formulas, we want to support you at every step of the journey. That’s why we created our five-part series on how to travel zero waste. Whether you’re a savvy zero waste traveler or committed to expanding your consciousness to travel with less waste, each of our posts is designed to be useful, relevant and inspiring:

1. zero waste travel: how to create a zero waste mindset

We want to support individual efforts to land on local time as a savvy zero waste traveler. Here is our first in a 5-part series on zero waste travel.

2. zero waste travel: how to pack for any adventure

Essential packing tips for setting yourself up for success – from a savvier self-care kit to clever carry on companions. 

3. zero waste travel: tips at the airport

Airports are waste powerhouses because they’re geared toward zero inconvenience, not zero waste. Here’s how to take back your power for the planet when you’re at the airport.

4. zero waste travel: your in-flight how-to guide

On average, every passenger on a long-haul flight generates over a pound of single-use plastic waste. Slowly, more airlines are trending toward plastic-free service. Until that day, here’s how to contribute to less waste in the air.

5. zero waste travel: how to think like a local when you’re abroad

Being conscious of our planetary impact starts with being conscious of what we carry with us. Here’s how – and why – being a zero waste traveler means thinking like a local when you’re abroad.


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