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women who travel

local time travels: zuzanna pactwa

Written by Gabriela Délano-Stephens

We love how spontaneous Zuzanna is. When adventure calls her bags are packed. 

What culture do you identify with most?

I don’t have one specific culture that I Identify myself with, I love different cultures and meeting people from around the world,  however I grew up in Europe so probably that part feels the closest to me  


The travel location you find yourself recommending to people most often: Anywhere where you can ride horses on the beach! Mexico is definitely on top of my list.

 Tulum Beach


Walk us through your travel / flight essentials.

Traveling is a big part of my lifestyle, I travel a lot for fun but much more for work - few very important things/tips;

  • I hate flying tired or hungover (the worst). The night before a big travel day I pack and go to sleep early, that way I avoid missing flights or forgetting my passport (which happened few times in the past!)
  • Another great tip is if you can pick the time of travel that suits you best, specially if you have to fly to different time zone. I love to watch movies on the plane and once I get to my destination I go to sleep right away- that way I almost never have jet lag.
  • I don’t really have many travel gadgets since I prefer to pack light.
  • Drinking water and eating light during a flight is key!


How do you stay nourished on the road? What do you do to stay connected to your body when you travel? 

This is the hardest part, many places where I travel don’t have my favourite foods or foods prepared the way I like it (I never use salt or sugar which is hard to avoid in restaurants while traveling). If I go somewhere close I like to prepare my little food package (fruits, dry fruits, nuts, home made salad). When I travel abroad it is much harder because bringing your own across some boarders isn't always allowed.

Europe has great food so I'm not worried when I go there. If I have time I go to the gym and sauna before a flight or a long car ride.  

The secret is timing - eating at the right time, moving at the right time and sleeping at the right time.  

How would you describe your travelling style? 

It depends! For work I am very structured, sometimes planning even months ahead.  

Traveling for pleasure can go either way, I have had trips where I had an hour to get ready for a flight or road trip, these were often the best! I have had other trips where I was supposed to stay for a week and I stayed for few months. When I came to LA from NYC it was supposed to be 3 day weekend trip... its been 6 years now! 


Where do you look for inspiration when you travel?  

I have a rule - every year I go to place that I never been before. I have a list of places where I want to go and usually I stick to it. The way I pick varies between what I want to see or do. Some places I go because I can ride horses on the beach some places I choose because I'm looking for inspiration. The last couple trips I did, that were on my bucket list were Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca, another was to do Ayahuasca in Costa Rica. 


How has travel played a role in who you are today? 

I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am if not traveling, I travelled as a kid with my parents, I travelled alone as a teenager and now I travel endlessly as an adult. It has made me so strong, that sometimes I believe that nothing is impossible. Traveling makes you stronger in life, period.

What belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life? 

Probably self confidence and the knowing that I can survive anything, that I can always start from scratch, that I can change my reality at any moment. A few times in my life I have done a full 180 and it has always been for better. I have no fear anymore because I know that wherever I go I can make it happen. And that feels good. 


What is lighting you up right now? 

My friends and family, sense of humour and glass of tequila (jk), sunny weather and plans for future are helpful too! 

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