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local time travels: yohanna mannelqvist

local time travels: yohanna mannelqvist

Written by Local Time

Meet our sweet, sweet Yohanna! A former London fashion executive turned Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach based in-between Tulum, London and Stockholm. She led a non-stop lifestyle in the never-ending pursuit of perfectionism that eventually pushed her into burnout and an eating disorder. She has since left her career in fashion and embarked on a journey of self-exploration across the globe on her own. She fully reinvented herself and devoted her life to the world of well-being and yoga.

She now guides others through coaching, retreats, workshops and yoga to lead balanced, meaningful and thriving lives.

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Photo: Richar Pilnick


Where is your base?

I live a nomadic life in between Tulum, Sweden and London. My summers are spent in Europe and winters in Mexico.


What culture do you identify with most?

That is a tricky question for me as I feel very multicultural. I lived in London for seven years and had friends from all nationalities and religions which gave me deep exposure of different cultures. Part of me will always feel Swedish as that is where I was born and raised but I left when I was 19 years old and lived abroad for most of my adult life. I don't really identify with a specific culture but more to a way of life and feel very connected to my conscious community in Tulum.


The travel location you find yourself recommending to people most often:

This one is easy - Tulum! With that also comes locations around Mexico such as Oaxaca, Valladolid and Mexico City. But I also mention my trips to Bhutan and Iceland often as they were magical experiences.


Photo: Clara Morberg


Walk us through your travel essentials (products, gadgets, travel hacks, whatever you do to make your travel experience more smooth)

I never travel without healthy snacks, such as nuts, fruits and bars, as I am mindful of what I put in my body. My noise cancelling Bose headphones are essential as I usually create yoga class playlists on the flight and listen to audio books. My skin gets very dry on the flight so I tend to bring a little moisture of some kind, perhaps a mist or cream. Last but not least - I don't go anywhere without my notebook as I love to journal and often feel creative on flights when no one can reach me.


What part of you does traveling fill?

It has become a way of life more than something I do occasionally. My life is very nomadic and I move across the globe and chase the sun all year long.


How would you describe your travelling style:

This has changed throughout my life. I used to be a very rigid planner and had every detail figured out before I arrived to a destination. Where to eat, what to do, what to see and so on. Today, I like to be much more spontaneous and see where life brings me. I find that you stumble upon some real treasures when you just walk around or let the locals guide you. I have been nomadic for three years and I am starting to feel the need for longer stays as I am tired of always packing and repacking.


How has travel played a role in who you are today?

 It has totally shaped who I am and my perception of the world. They say that “travel is the only thing that makes you richer” and I would have to agree. I always feel like moving and being exposed to new environments fills me up and expands my worldview.


Describe your favorite current life hacks.

I recently discovered how amazing I sleep with a weighted duvet and now I can't live without it. It is filled with micro glass beads and hugs your whole body, making you feel so grounded and safe - like a big hug from your granny!


What belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life?

Yoga has transformed me for the better in always possible - mentally, physically and spiritually. My daly practice keeps supporting me in whatever I am working through and keeps me on the right path. Yoga has taught me ways to relate to myself, others and the world around me in a compassionate way and the importance of connection with something grander than yourself.


What is lighting you up right now?

Time in the Swedish countryside with my family, long walks, going out with the boat to islands and reading books. Also - sleep!


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 Photo: Juan Espa