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women who travel, sara nory

local time travels: sara nory

Written by Gabriela Délano-Stephens

I met Sara at a magical retreat in Tulum. She lit us up with Kundalini Yoga every morning after tea ceremony. Her playfulness and depth of knowledge made me want to know more about her. She is a magical being full of creativity and a warmth who lives a very special nomadic life. 


What culture do you identify with most?

My background is Persian and I was raised in Sweden - I’ve been brought up to be around many cultures in my life. I think I’ve developed a culture on my own called peace and love culture. 

women who travel sara nory

The travel location you find yourself recommending to people most often: 

Depending on the persons interests and lifestyle I recommend a travel destination that I feel is a good fit for them, I’ve traveled to over 40 countries so far in my 34 years and I find myself recommending most people to travel where the water, indigenous people and wildlife is mostly felt and seen. Mexico has much to discover in these fields and since I myself have spent these past 3 years there and been overwhelmed by its beauty and authenticity, I’ve recommended many people to have an experience with it. 

women who travel sara nory 

Walk us through your travel / flight essentials.

I’m a last minuet traveler and a light packer and within the years I’ve come to understand how much unnecessary things I bring and how much money I spend on tickets. So I have signed up with a travel agency to collect points and I always travel with a carryon bag and a backpack anywhere I go. The things I do not travel without is:

Water bottle from Yeti 

Coconut oil, great for skin and hair 

A thin down jacket that can fold into the smallest little bag from Uniqlo (it’s perfect for weathers that go from warm to cold)

Headphones with quiet control (great for zoning out for nap time on planes) 

Yoga mat (folded version)


Ever since I was introduced to Local Time I’ve been taking defend for immunity every time I land at my destination. It’s my absolute favourite since my immune system gets wacky when spending time on flights. 

 women who travel sara nory

How do you stay nourished on the road? What do you do to stay connected to your body when you travel?

I mostly meditate on flights which is actually one of the tricks to catch up with myself and to feel at ease for arrival. I drink tons of water and I usually put some ginger or mint herbs in my bottle so my water is extra healthy. 


How would you describe your travelling style?

I’m a total go with the flow person. For some destinations I try to plan to go see something historical about the destination but other then that I follow my instinct.


Where do you look for inspiration when you travel

Nature, music and art! 

 women who travel sara nory

Has travel played a role in who you are today? 

Absolutely! The inner growth expands when feeling like I’m nobody, to meet a new land and the people has made me appreciate being alive.


What belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life in the last 5 years?

In 5 years I’ve become more aware and awake to the environment inside and around me. Living  consciously here on earth is the habit that’s been increased during the last 5 years. 

I don’t travel for short periods of time for this reason anymore to preserve our planet in well being. 

 women who travel

What is lighting you up right now? 

I’ve been back in Sweden for 2 months now and I’m just amazed by my homeland,  a real lighthouse.


How has your view of the world and how you move in it shifted in 2020?

The pandemic has made me want to simplify my life much more, spend time with family and friends and enjoy simple things I might have taken for granted. 


women who travel: sara nory