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local time travels: roosje schilling

local time travels: roosje schilling

Written by Local Time

Roosje has one of those instagram profiles that makes you want to know more about her. What makes her tick, where are her favourite travel destinations and how does she pull it off. Nomading is in her bones, she pulls it off with ease


What culture do you identify with most?

A combination of Mexican and Southern European (I'm Dutch but never felt connected much to the culture) 

The travel location you find yourself recommending to people most often: 

Mexico! And India. 

women who travel Roosje Schilling
Walk us through your travel / flight essentials.

I’m a terrible packer but im getting better and better each time :)

Before I go I make sure I look at instagram and google maps and mark the best areas, maybe a few places to go, but rather not to much. I used to be one of those people who had prepared a whole list of things to see now I rather be spontaneous and see where I end up, travelling to me has to have some adventure and ‘unplanning’. 

I want to make sure I'm comfortable though so its a bit about finding the balance. 

How do you stay nourished on the road? What do you do to stay connected to your body when you travel?

Im very sensitive to certain foods and intolerances. I always have to remember to take care of myself, because I do love all sorts of food.

But I make it an effort to make sure I'm getting enough veggies, take my supplements and I also don’t like to eat late at night. 

I'd rather start my day fresh and energised!

women who travel Roosje Schilling

How would you describe your travelling style?

Well I used to really travel a lot, like every day somewhere else, on the road etc. .. 

But since a few years I just love to stay at one place and live like the locals do, I don’t care so much about seeing touristy sites, I rather have a coffee in a cafe and go people watching. 

I also like finding places that are not so discovered (very difficult in these times with instagram) but its still possible! 

Where do you look for inspiration when you travel?

In cities I love just walking the streets, and just be inspired by what you find on the way. 

If im in nature, which I prefer these day,s I love walking and hiking, emptying the mind, which leads to different inspirations. 

I love mountains and forrest, dramatic nature. 

women who travel Roosje Schilling

How has travel played a role in who you are today? 

I could say everything! I started travelling 18 years ago, I bought a ticket and didn’t return for 2 years, since then I've lived in many places in the world. I do travel, but I prefer to really live somewhere for a while. Understanding the culture, 

Back in the days nobody understood what I was doing but somehow I made it happen, these days it's very normal to be a digital nomad, and so many young creatives are living in multiple places. 

I still couldn’t live without travelling, even though im definitely more settled now!

But for me since I was just a child all I could think of wat that bring me deeper sense of being was travelling.

What belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life in the last 5 years?

Finding more balance, more grounding, chosing time more wisely 


women who travel Roosje Schilling

What is lighting you up right now? 

The thought of sending more and more time in nature.

How has your view of the world and how you move in it shifted in 2020?

Well for me it just confirmed that being in nature, and leading a more simple life is what I want to do. I was never career orientated. 

My focus is on healthy living, being in community, nature, more awareness. Not taking anything for granted. 


Women who travel Roosje Schilling