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local time travels: hannah charron

local time travels: hannah charron

Written by Local Time

We found Hannah on IG - as you do these days - inspiring us with her travels, beauty and thoughts, as she got ready to settle into her next adventure of Holistic Nutrition. She is a creative soul counting down the minutes for her next walkabout, far or near.

Where is your base?

I am from Ottawa ON originally, but I am currently based in Vancouver, BC!

What culture do you identify with most?

Oh this is tough, and will likely change with more travel and growth, but I will have to go with the Mexican culture. I have spent most of my time in Mexico and have really connected to the way of life, the bright colors, the Aztec and Mayan art, the traditions, the language and of course the food! I feel a strong connection with the indigenous culture coming from a native background myself, and there is something about the language that just makes me feel at home and take me back to my French roots.

The travel location you find yourself recommending to people most often: 

I think everyone needs to experience the real Mexico, with a good stopover in Tulum.

Walk us through your travel essentials:

I am an over packer, but my essential goodies while travelling are:

  • Baggies of tea
  • Plastic free straw, cutlery & water bottle
  • Genestra Calm - gen for moments of anxiety (and a million other supplements)
  • Some little stones my mum gave me years ago
  • A good read (mindfully selected)
  • My LT Flight Pack
  • Eye mask!
  • One of my fave rings that I definitely store from mum – it helps me cope with anxiety but also patience (and we know travel needs patience)
  • Snacks from home, and lots of them! I have allergies and am quite particular about what I eat most of the time so I ned options. Some of my favourite are:
  • Plus my stasher bags for all the snacks.
  • Portable charger: as much as I don’t like to be completely attached to my phone, one of my favorite things to do to kill time is look through old photos / videos! If my phone died without an outlet, I would have sads!
  • A pen!!!
  • Face oil and hand cream because my skin gets hella dry & I love all the oil
  • Headphones of course -  music is everything to me
  • Hack: I always wear my atheltic wear / biggest shoes on the plane to save room in my bag & be comfy! it is also nice to have on as I like to move / stretch if I have long layovers

What part of you does traveling fill?

Every part of me.

How would you describe your travelling style

This really depends on where I am going & who I am with, but majority of the time I am quite the planner! If something falls through I am learning to let go a little & acknowledge that those plans were likely not meant to be. I always prefer a longer stay to experience as much as I can wherever I am! I hate being rushed.

How has travel played a role in who you are today? 

I grew up with chronic anxiety with triggers changing as I grew up. This impacted my childhood in a highly negative way, and after getting off my medication after 10 years with the help of natural medicine, I finally felt ‘normal’ and stepped out of my comfort zone to explore all that this incredible earth has to offer. I went from not being able to leave my house as a younger me, to buying a van and driving across Canada, down to LA and then living in Mexico. That was only the beginning and I can’t wait to immerse myself into so much more. Thank you, mama earth!

Describe your favorite current life hacks.

I’m a total planner! So, I need to write things down. I find my mind constantly running (as most of us experience), and my way of dealing with it in order to avoid feeling scattered and staying clear is by keeping notes of things. I am guilty of having a million notes in my phone.

I like to stay organized always so setting reminders throughout the day is very helpful to keep me on track.

Simple but so helpful: I breathe. I remind myself that this is what carries me through this blessed life, and is what is giving me the energy to do all that I do. One deep inhale and exhale can make a huge difference for me!

What belief, behavior or habit has most improved your life?

So many things!! Smile, movement, you are your thoughts, and stress causes disease.

What is lighting you up right now? 

My daily walks and dreaming of all that is to come! I have never been one to entirely enjoy walking, but lately I have made sure to go everyday. I am starting to miss it if I can’t make it out. The spring air, the birds talking away and the lessened vroom vroom noises are heavenly. I never have headphones in, I just listen and feel my surroundings with all senses and dream of all the excitement to come once I graduate as a holistic nutritionist!