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local time travels: brit gill

local time travels: brit gill

Written by Local Time

Brit and I met over a week of breath work, vegan food, temazcales, deep laughs, some tears and a lot of beauty, just south of Tulum at Sian Ka'an during a Laboratorio workshop. Within minutes of meeting her I was drawn in and deep in conversation about basically everything. 

She is a Vancouver based photographer with a free spirit and wanderlust like few I have met. She has been everywhere and along the way she captures her adventures with stunning photos through natural, documentary style photography.

"Candid is my best work and good people are my genre" - Brit 

 Women who travel, Brit Gill

What culture do you identify with most?

My father is from India so I may be biased but I feel super connected to that culture. The food, mysticism, cosmology, yoga, meditation, chaos…. I love all of it! 


The travel location you find yourself recommending to people most often? 
HMM, hard one. I am obsessed with all things Mexico so that would likely be the first BUT I also can’t stop thinking about our trip to Moorea, we swam with humpback whales in the wild and I am eternally humbled by such a magical experience!

 women who travel, brit gill

Walk us through your travel essentials (products, gadgets, travel hacks, whatever you do to make your travel experience more smooth)

  • Moleskine journal -- to record all of my todos, lists and travel musings. 
  • Muji pens 
  • Symmetry and Grace linen scarf -- beach towel, plan blanket, pm scarf all in one. 
  • White Linen pants - dress em up, dress em down, beach em up, heel them up
  • Black Gotoobs by Human Gear 
  • Kinto mug and water bottle -- I hate wasting cups and bottles so I started travelling with a larger carry-on purse that fits snuggly on top of my carryon on a roller bag from AWAY. This keeps the bag off of my shoulder and allows me to keep my gear close to me on board. 
  • Fly with one flight group only, it really does pay off once you start to build loyalty. I get bumped up a lot and get a free lounge pass anywhere in the world which has been a travel game changer! 


How do you stay nourished on the road? What do you do to stay connected to your body when you travel?

I think this really depends on the place I am visiting. I don’t usually travel anywhere that has bad food so that is a plus. Actually I may only choose destinations because of their food! Haha. I always try to stretch and get small bits of yoga in throughout my day. I will stretch while I wait in line for anything really. I build my movement naturally into all of my trips especially by walking through a place which is my favourite way to explore, I love to run and swim when it permits as well. 


How would you describe your travel style ?

Go with the flow only. Long stays preferred, if not I will hit the ground running as soon as I can to see as much as possible. I almost always rent a car wherever I go so I have the freedom to move as I please. 


Where do you look for inspiration when you travel? (nature, museums, walking the streets aimlessly)

I love to get inspired by all of the above. Nature is probably the highest on my list but I love watching people move around a place as well. I love to be in a place when it is full of locals VS tourists so I plan trips accordingly. Going with the flow always brings me to magical places with magical people no matter where I am. 

 women who travel, brit gill

How has travel played a role in who you are today? 

Because my dad is from India and I took French Immersion in school I think the world became small to me at a young age. We would have to say goodbye to our dad for a month every year so he could visit his family and I got to go on many trips with my class as a part of our curriculum so global culture was built into my childhood right from the start. 


Describe your favorite current life hacks.

  • Making lists for everything in notes/google docs, including writing down all of my ideas, places to visit and thoughts. This practice has been really cool to chronicle as many of my ideas and wishes from the past have come to fruition which I owe to taking the time to write them down!
  • Online workouts -- my life before covid was so jam packed I rarely had time to workout but since covid I have been able to fit a workout in almost every single day in some way. Home workouts have been great because they save me so much time! All of my favourite studios have gone online for good which is a big time saver when you can’t make it to class.
  •  Reading the book The Coddling of the American Mind has been profoundly helpful for me to understand the diverse worldviews and moral matrices of the people around me. Covid has had me deep in moral dilemmas so understanding my specific beliefs and why I carry them has inspired me to hear people without judgement. 


What belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life?

Mantra! I have incorporated mantra into my life in many forms, when I meditate I use transcendental meditation which has been the most useful form for me to drop in. But I also use it all day every day to stop any negative thought patterns. Particularly with finances. If I have ‘0’ dollars in the bank or received a parking ticket when I really can’t afford to pay it I will simply repeat ‘money comes easily and naturally to me’ over and over and over in my mind until I am no longer in a worry spiral. It took me about 6 months of doing this every day before it became a habit and I doubled my income within that time! It is a simple fix backed by science; small dedication every day can create a large impact long term. Your mind is like an animal that needs to be trained! 

 women who travel, brit gill

What is lighting you up right now? 

It feels like whether we like it or not, there is a great awakening! I truly feel like covid brought people to their knees in a new way forcing them to look within, be still and be in nature more and that is a big win to me. Of course there are many cons to the pandemic but I am always finding the silver lining. I hope we don’t need anything this dire in the future to bring us back here but that people are newly inclined to be a bit more tranquilo naturally! The go, go, go lifestyle is not sustainable for our internal and external ecosystems.