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herbs for immunity

why you need to befriend this amazonian immunity powerhouse

Written by Local Time

I’ve been told I can be intimidating at first – I’m wild and a little prickly.

Because I’m originally from Peru, people think I’m exotic. Also, historically, most of my best friends are Amazonian shamans. I have a reputation for my bark, but, honestly, it’s not what you think. People who know me won’t go anywhere without me.

But more people are finding me attractive, and not just because of my looks. I make people feel good. It’s just what I do – making people feel better on a cellular level is totally my thing. I inspire stories and my healing powers are legendary; just ask the Asháninka. I may be ancient, but they’ll tell you I’m wondrously versatile.

I’m also a compulsive fixer, I just can’t help myself. When I sense someone’s need, I respond, and I mobilize others to act, too. My presence makes white blood cells multiply, and – not to brag – but I’m well known to enhance DNA repair, lower toxicity, reduce inflammation and build immunity. I’ve got references (some will call me divine, but it’s just science). 

The truth is that I’ve been around for millions of years, but most people are just getting to know me.

Few can top my level of potency. But it’s not that I always work alone. I like to surround myself with powerful friends, like Pau D’Arco and Elderberry. They tend to bring out the best in me. Together, we’re like a turbo-boost of whoop-ass for the immune system.    

Here’s what I love: companion planting. Here’s what I hate: synthetics.

And I definitely don’t mix with prescription meds or booze. Look, I don’t judge, they’re just not my type.   

I have many names - Uncaria Tomentosa, Life-giving Vine of Peru, Samento, Griffe du Chat, Uña de Gato, Uncaria Guianensis, Opener of the Way (has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?). But now that we know each other, you can call me Cat’s Claw.

Curious to befriend Cat’s Claw and its fellow immunity defenders? It makes a debut in Local Time’s defend formula.


By Welling Savo Justin