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4 fav ways to enhance the flavor of your local time formulas

4 fav ways to enhance the flavor of your local time formulas

Written by Welling Savo Justin

We’re going to level with you: We think our formulas are delicious. And, if you’re on an airplane with cold water as the option, we fully acknowledge that the taste is... earthy.

For one, our powdered micronutrients contain the bare essentials – everything you need without the added fillers or flavors that would undermine the health benefits or potency.

People call coffee an acquired taste – any 13-year-old will tell you it tastes like dirt. But take your life in your hands if you try to deny it from an adult aficionado. For many of us, that morning coffee is as ritualistic and essential as brushing teeth.

It won’t surprise you that co-founder Gabriela Delano-Stephens has integrated Local Time formulas to support her (non-flying) daily commute. As a nutritionist and foodie, she delights in exploring different ways to enjoy Rest, Rise, Defend and Neutralize.

We want to help you to embrace the earthiness! And as you do, here are a few of Gabriela’s favorite flavorful ways to mix it up on the plane or at home:


REST: a soothing downshift to sleep

ON THE PLANE: “This one mixes best with cranberry juice, although apple also does the trick,” says Gabriela.

AT HOME: “Mix with your favorite juice – this one goes down smoothest when cold. I tend to favor cranberry (on or off the airplane). I’ll also take it as shot – versus to sip – before bed.”


RISE: mental acuity for your next adventure

ON THE PLANE: “This one is the most ‘earthy’ of our formulas, but have no fear! We have fans who can’t get enough of this one. I recommend adding it to coffee if you are a coffee drinker.”

AT HOME: “Try hot water and dash of oat or almond milk – it’s delicious. You can also add this to your morning smoothie – think banana, maca or chocolate flavor. My friend recently raved about mixing it in her matcha soy latte. ”


DEFEND: turbo boost immunity to protect against the unknown

ON THE PLANE: “This one is quite delicious on its own because of the Ginger and Turmeric combo. But if you prefer to mask the flavor you can add it to a glass of orange juice.”

AT HOME: “I fell in love with this one mixed ‘golden milk’ style. Add it to warm almond or oat milk, sip and savor.”


NEUTRALIZE: antioxidant shield against cosmic radiation

ON THE PLANE: “I like this best with cranberry juice.”

AT HOME: “Mix it in your morning fruit smoothie before heading to the airport – think mango or berries. I’ve also been known to add it to a kombucha, but be careful with the bubbles.”


We’re always eager to discover new ways to enjoy Local Time, so don’t hesitate to share yours with us on Instagram, Facebook or send us an email (hello@onlocaltime.com).


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